Unix Document Processing and Typesetting

Unix Document Processing and Typesetting

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As the mystery of the computer world unfolds with each revelation of its technology, computer users today look forward to a powerful tool to produce a variety of reports and manuscripts. The Unix system provides a variety of powerful text formatters, and one such typesetting tool is called nroff/troff which can help users unlock the resources and the power of a computer system in the preparation of written documents. nroff is a text formatter for daisy-wheel printers and similar devices while troff is a device-independent text formatter for producing typeset output. These two together provide the facilities of a word processor together with formatting features and enable users to produce output that can be printed onto a variety of devices from line printers to typesetters. This book provides a complete description with regard to the capabilities of Unix document processing and typesetting to a variety of users. It also describes in detail the ATaT supported memorandum macros (mm) package which provides a user friendly interface to nroff/troff. The concept and techniques of typesetting are fully illustrated with examples to unveil the power of Unix's document processing capability. Contents:Document PreparationTypesetting Primitives in troffTypesetting with mmUnderlying nroff/troff FormatterDocument Preprocessor ToolsDocument Preparation ExamplesQuick Reference Guidevi-Unix Screen EditorBibliographyAppendixesIndex Readership: Computer scientists and computer typesetters. keywords:This chapter contains a collection of articles and references related to typesetting in general and, in particular, to Unix ... American Mathematical Society, 1980, Manual for Authors oj Mathematical Papers - Seventh Edition, Providence, R.I.anbsp;...

Title:Unix Document Processing and Typesetting
Author: B Srinivasan
Publisher:World Scientific - 1993-10-05


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