Getting Started in 3D with 3ds Max

Getting Started in 3D with 3ds Max

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Learning a 3D visualization software is a daunting task under any circumstances and while it may be easy to find online tutorials that tell you what to do to perform certain tasks you'll seldom learn qwhyq you are performing the steps. This book approaches training from a top-down perspective way you will first learn important concepts of 3D visualization and functionality of 3ds Max before moving into the finer detail of the command structure. By learning how things work and why you might choose one method over another the book will not only teach you where the buttons are, but more importantly how to think about the holistic process of 3D design so that you can then apply the lessons to your own needs. The goal of the learning presented here is to familiarize the new user of 3ds Max with a typical workflow from a production environment from planning to modeling, materials, and lighting, and then applying special effects and compositing techniques for a finished product. * Learn 3D fundamentals while creating beautiful, inspiring projects in 3ds Max * Create a project start-to-finish with Max guru Ted Boardman--and when you're done, realize that you can apply the lessons you've learned to your own projects * Get extensive project files on the companion website, as well as more content with specific instruction useful to YOUR Max uses * Bypass confusion: Don't overload on page 1, but be led through this complex application in a logical step-by-step mannerThis text approaches 3D visualisation training from a top-down perspective.

Title:Getting Started in 3D with 3ds Max
Author: Ted Boardman
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2012-07-20


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