Collected Works

Collected Works

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Collected Works by Marc Chomel Collected Works is the product of a vivid and varied imagination. Marc Chomel's writing is at once a light-hearted celebration of the nature of fiction writing and an engaging examination of the darker side of the human existence. Chomel's poems, essays, and fiction pieces address the often ironic nature of death, love, loss, depression, and the emerging social orders of our modern world. These issues are addressed through multiple angles throughout the different literary mediums of poetry, essay, and fiction. The poems of Collected Works will impact, the essays enlighten. His fiction will accomplish all of the aforementioned with his truly creative storylines, which often approach science fiction. These poems and stories attempt to directly address the schisms between cultures and traditions. The collection is meant at once to entertain and to provoke. They are not to be missed. About the Author Marc Chomel is an acting prosecuting attorney. He has worked in the Los Angeles County for 25 years, having been raised a first generation American in Texas. As is reflected in his cultured writing content, the author was heavily influenced by the traditions, teachings, and culture of a European household. As an attorney, Marc Chomel has grappled with the nature of violent crime for most of his adult life. Further, he has been fascinated by the motivations behind human conduct as well as the manner in which the social and legal systems address crime and other actions. Marc Chomel also cites French and South American authors as an influence upon his own writing. As an escape from his self-described compulsions with love and death, Chomel finds solace in the outdoors, ranging from mountains to the local beaches of California, and further still to the natural terrains of foreign countries. He has traveled extensively. In addition to writing, Marc Chomel enjoys planning car rallies, building furniture, and politics. He enjoys meeting new people, but when invited to an elegant soiree, is more inclined to speak to the help than to the guests and hosts.qHowever, it is a bit difficult to use a pin code when the credit card it is associated with is running down Las Ramblas in Barcelona in the wallet ... When you cannot access your account, because of some failure of password memory, you are in trouble. ... So I have passwords as ordinary as combination codes for gym locks.

Title:Collected Works
Author: Marc Chomel
Publisher:Dorrance Publishing - 2014-02-05


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