Business Confronts Terrorism

Business Confronts Terrorism

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Central banks and stock exchanges are bombed. Suicide bombers ravage cinemas, nightclubs, and theaters. Planes crash into skyscrapers and government buildings. Multiple bombs explode on commuter trains. Thousands of people are killed and injured while millions are terrorized by these attacks. These scenarios could be part of a future Hollywood movie. Sadly, they are representative of previous terror attacks against industry and government interests worldwide. Moreover, they are harbingers of global terror threats. Industry constitutes a prime target of contemporary terrorism. This timely book analyzes the threats companies face due to terrorism, industry responses to these dangers, and terrorisma€™s effects on conducting business in the post-9/11 environment. Dean C. Alexander details the conventional and unconventional terror capabilities facing industry. He describes the activities of terrorists in the economic system and the ways they finance their operations. Alexander discusses how companies can reduce terrorist threats and that corporate security can minimize political violence. He outlines the dynamics of the public-private partnership against terrorism: government aiding industry, business supporting government, and tensions between the two. He also delineates terrorisma€™s effectsa€”financial, physical, and emotionala€”on workers and employers. He highlights the negative financial and economic consequences of terrorism. He discusses the impact of terrorism on traditional business practices and concludes with an assessment of future trends.The Tamil Tigers terror group had operatives that produced fake credit cards and ATM cards in Canada. ... opened several bogus bank ac- counts in New York after receiving stolen credit card information from a customer database at a Boston gym. Theft by computer hackers is also a threat. In February 2003 illegal access to the University of Texas computer system led to exposure of over 50, 000 Socialanbsp;...

Title:Business Confronts Terrorism
Author: Dean C. Alexander
Publisher:Terrace Books - 2004-11-15


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