Africa Can Help Feed Africa

Africa Can Help Feed Africa

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The rise in global food prices and the ever-growing food import bill have prompted sharp attention on agricultural policies in Africa. African policy makers are grappling with what unstable food prices mean for their countries; how these price movements will affect their food security situation; how the private sector is likely to respond; and what governments themselves can do. In addition, they fear that global warming may significantly change the location of food production within Africa. This report discusses how opening up cross-border trade will boost the potential for greater food production in Africa and contribute to food security by improving poor peoplea€™s access to food and by increasing returns to poor farmers for the food they produce.In Kenya, permits to legally import grain are only available in Nairobi (Nyameino et al. 2003). Traders wanting to export food staples from Northern Mozambique to Southern Malawi have to get an export permit from Quelimane (Tschirley et al.

Title:Africa Can Help Feed Africa
Author: The World Bank
Publisher:World Bank Publications -


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